Semiofest Tallinn 2016 : Semiotics and Culture of Innovation


We are very excited to announce the theme for Semiofest Tallinn 2016 – Semiotics and Culture of Innovation.

In June 1-4, 2016 we will take time explore one of the most important challenges facing countries, economies and entrepreneurs alike by asking: how can semiotic thinking be applied to bring about innovation.

Semiotic thinking is always in the service of innovation. You can’t do things differently or be inventive without grasping the cultural or communication context. With the help of semiotic thinking you can discover fresh spaces for innovation and can arrive at unforeseen alternatives that lead us to fresh solutions. You can use it for deep diagnostics, for quick insights or to spark inspiration. It helps to make sense of the complex factors that frame any new development and uncover cultural trends that work either for or against any novel product, service, process or application. It is a route to innovation by shifting perspectives!

We’ll open a call for papers on November 30, inviting you to come and share your experiences using semiotics to provoke and foster innovation, be it through novel products, innovative applications, transformative social services, strategic planning or organizational change. How can we contribute to building cultures of innovation? 

Let us come together to celebrate semiotic thinking and explore the ways semiotics can add more value and serve inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs! June 1-4, 2016, Tallinn, Estonia, in the creative hub Kultuurikatel (Culture Cauldron) in the very heart of the city.

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