Gabriela Pedranti on Semiofest Tallinn


Gabriela Pedranti of SemioticaStudio has put together a beautiful and comprehensive review of Semiofest Tallinn. She organized Semiofest Barcelona in 2013 so she knows the work and effort it takes but also the fun it is.

Keynote by Malcolm Evans concluding Semiofest Tallinn
Grand finale – a keynote by Malcolm Evans on the future of branding and marketing semiotics

“As we do (almost) every year, we went to Tallinn for the last Semiofest edition (June 1st to June 4th, 2016). Having attended four out of five events (and even organising it in 2013), we solemnly declare this one as the best so far. It was not only because the interest in the unconference has noticeably grown after five years, which has led to a higher quality of the presentation and activities, but mainly due to the impeccable organization and warm welcome by the Estonian team. Led by Kaie Kotov, Maarja Vaikmaa, Kalevi Kull, Katre Pärn, Tyler Bennett, Lyudmyla Zaporozhtseva, Iiris Viirpalu, Merit Rickberg, Katrin Alekand and Martin Oja did an amazing job, from the design of the programme and name tags (which were very nice button badges) to the perfect timing of the conferences and activities (which we honestly think was respected for the first time ever, and made the whole event fluent and interesting). Moreover, there was a important sustainable spirit in every detail of the event —from the tasty vegan food by SlapSlop to the clients that were invited to the Boot Camp, zero waste fashion brand Reet Haus which also offers the Upmade certificate andLet´s do it world, a global initiative to clean the planet.
The space could not have been any better: the Kultuurikatel (Culture Cauldron) culture hub, a former power station that closed in 1979, and has been transformed in a fantastic space for arts, creative work and inspiration. We had the great opportunity of visiting it with a guide on Friday morning.”

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